Rob Bailey announces he's been vegan for 5 months and stopped consuming meat 1.5 years ago

Rob Bailey, music producer, fitness icon, YouTube star, entrepreneur and husband of Dana Linn Bailey (2013 Ms. Olympia Physique) has just announced he hasn't consumed meat for 1.5 years and has been vegan for the last 5 months. 

At 256lbs he declared: 

"No animals have to die for me to be this size"

An empathetic connection to animals was a driving factor for their decision to no longer consume meat.

Rob and his wife Dana Linn Bailey have a small farm-sanctuary of my dogs, turkeys, chickens and goats - many of them rescued from factory farms.

The journey started back in November 2015 when Rob Bailey watched footage from inside a slaughterhouse, and then immediately started to transition away from eating meat.

Rob and Dana have millions of fans around the world and they regularly mention on their social media videos how poor the health of their chickens are because they were rescued from factory farms and are bred with abnormally large breasts and don't walk very well.

In one of Rob's YouTube videos he stated after switching to a plant-based diet: 

"I feel healthy as f*ck, my bloodwork is improving."

Rob and Dana Linn Bailey both carry an enormous amount of influence in the fitness world and their actions show their millions of followers that meat isn't necessary, and that having compassion isn't a weakness - but a strength. Rob Bailey recognises that standing up for the defenceless is a true sign of a alpha-leader.

The realities of modern meat/dairy production are horrendous. Anyone looking into the reality would be unable to continue to contribute to these industries by buying the products. Fortunately many other delicious alternatives exist, and it's never been easier to go vegan.

There is a common myth perpetuated by the meat and dairy industries that we need animal products to be "strong" and "healthy", when the exact opposite is true. An increasing number of studies are being released showing animal products are associated with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and increased risk of stroke. And studies have shown there is no difference in muscle growth on a vegan diet.

Many examples of great vegan athletes exist and are helping to end this myth.

Including Alexey Voevoda:

Patrik Baboumian, multiple-world record holding strongman:

Nimai Delgado IFBB Pro physique competitor:

And Abel Trujillo, UFC fighter

Heavyweight world champion boxer David Haye:

The environmental issues around meat production are also becoming to be more apparent. Last year Arnold Schwarzenegger asked the world to cut meat consumption:

And Schwarzenegger also helped try to end the myth around meat being necessary for building muscle, by stating: 

"If they tell you to eat more meat to be strong, don't buy it."

Vegan Kendrick Farris was the only male US weightlifter to qualify for the Olympics for Rio 2016.

Studies have proven people have a psychological link between "masculinity" and meat consumption, but with the rise of dominant vegan athletes as role models slowly the macho image around meat is being shattered.

As Patrik Baboumian, one of the strongest men in the world, once said:

Strength should build up, not destroy. It should outdo itself, not others who are weaker. Used without responsibility it causes nothing but harm and death. I can lift the heaviest weight, but I cannot take the responsibility off my shoulders. Because the way we use our strength defines our fate. What traces will I leave on my path into the future? Do we really have to kill in order to live? My true strength lies in not seeing weakness as weakness. My strength needs no victims. My strength is my compassion.

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